2002 Concerto for piano,computer and orchestra
Jenaer Philharmonic, conductor: Andrey Boreyko, piano- Dmitri Pavlov
2003 recorded at St. Catherine Lutheran Church, St.-Petersburg
Young Philharmony Russia, conductor - Alexander Sladkovsky, piano - Dmitri Pavlov
2007 Berner Symphony-Orchestra, conductor: Andrey Boreyko, piano- Dmitri Pavlov
computer -Oliver Schwiegershausen

Concerto1 Concerto2 Concerto3 Concerto4

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2005 Concerto for 2 alphorns and Orchestra
commissioned by a soloists of Brandenburg Symphony Orchesra

„Festlival“ Ouverture“ and Medley  for six-hands-Piano and Orchestra
commissioned by  Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra
Premiere: 31.12.2008 – Silvesterconcert in the Shenzhen Concert Hall, China

„Some Handsome Hands“,  Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, conductor: Christian Ehwald